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Can I get a business loan, despite having an IRS business lien?

The earlier an issue is identified, the easier it is to resolve, the better the outcome, and the more likely we can preserve the funding relationship.

Tax Guard is uniquely positioned to help you and your business:

  • We resolve issues with the IRS (and/or state taxing authorities), specializing in businesses that are also working with banks, asset-based lenders, and factors.
  • A federal tax lien threatens your funding relationship by jeopardizing your lender’s security and priority.
  • We negotiate a payment plan your business can afford, no matter the size of the liability or extent of the issue with the IRS.
  • Unlike local accountants and attorneys, who typically don’t have the same experience or know how to address lenders’ concerns, we understand these issues and take them into consideration throughout the resolution process.
  • We protect you. We protect your lender. We preserve the funding relationship.

Let Tax Guard deal with the IRS as well as your lender, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.